About Us

Brian Criscuolo Brian Criscuolo

Experience: Brian has over 14 years of experience in the printing business, with 12 years as Prepress Manager at Graphic Art Service’s Richmond and Greensboro offices. Brian’s experience includes high-end packaging for the interactive, gaming, trading card, liquid packaging, pharmaceutical, durable goods and tobacco industries. His magazine and catalog clients have included nationally-distributed titles in the fashion, recreational products, sports and boating categories. Brian is driven by a passion for combining technology and the creative process in an industry that’s constantly evolving.

Personal Priorities: Lovely and talented wife Amy and three boys – Massimo, Nino and Paolo, dog Dante and good friends. An avid open wheel racing fan including Formula 1 – “Forza Ferrari!” and IndyCar. He’s also a traditional stick and ball fanatic of Philadelphia Flyers Ice Hockey, Boston Red Sox, and University of Michigan Football.

Toni Hasler Toni Hasler

Experience: In 1971 Toni entered a four-year apprenticeship as a Gravure Retoucher in Bern, Switzerland. His quest for new challenges soon led him to gravure cylinder manufacturing, and later to the USA. In 1984 he joined a large printing company in Augusta, GA, and within a few years moved to Charlotte, NC, to focus on quality control and customer service.

In 1995, Toni joined Graphic Art Service in Greensboro, and was promoted to Plant Manager in 2002. He formed a partnership with Brian Criscuolo in 2005 and founded Premedia Group with the goal of offering superior prepress services supported by a high level of customer service. The rest, as they say, is history.

Personal Priorities: Cooking. Formula 1 racing. Travel. Lazy days at home.

Cindy Beach Cindy Beach
Account Manager

Experience: Cindy started her prepress career in 1983, working with Meredith Burda Printing as a Photo Retoucher and Page Stripper prior to becoming an Electronic Imaging Specialist and Supervisor. When Meredith Burda was bought by RR Donnelley, she joined Graphic Art Service as an Account Manager, a position she held for 13 years. Cindy brings a high level of printing experience, professionalism and strategic planning to Premedia Group.

Personal Priorities: Tennis. Spending time with family and friends.

Chris Davis Chris Davis
Prepress Facilities Manager

Experience: Chris began working in Illustrator and Photoshop as early as high school, and went on to pursue over eight years of specialized graphic arts study. In 1999, after working with various printers in the areas of offset and narrow web flexo prepress, he joined the publications department of Graphic Art Service doing color corrections and page stripping, later moving into prepress for packaging industry clients. His responsibilities at Premedia Group include offset and flexo prepress, proofing, quality control, file management, sales and customer service. Chris specializes in workflow customization and simplification to fit individual client needs.

Personal Priorities: Working around the house. Video games and TV. Cooking.

Larry Davis Larry Davis
Color Workflow Specialist

Experience: Larry has over 40 years of experience in the graphics industry, including 20 years with Graphic Art Service, working with studios, printers and agencies. Larry has had in-depth involvement in printing for furniture, packaging and publications, and has worked with offset, gravure, webb, flexographic and silk-screen processes. Larry’s areas of expertise include scanning, proofing, quality control and finger printing presses. He’s skilled at working with customers, explaining the printing process and helping clients obtain the best possible final product.

Personal Priorities: Shag dancing. Collecting music. Video editing.

Vicki Lynn Vicki Lynn
Account Specialist

Experience: After working for RR Donnelley in purchasing, payroll and as an Administrative Assistant, Vicki joined Graphic Art Service in 1993. As Receptionist, her duties included purchasing/inventory control, plant maintenance, travel arrangements, event planning, invoicing, shipping arrangements, vendor coordination and payroll. She moved into account management in 2000, working closely with Hearst Magazines, Alliance Packaging, Carolina Biological and other key clients. Today, her responsibilities also include invoicing, accounts payable, payroll and general office maintenance.

Personal Priorities: Gardening. Furniture refinishing. Shag dancing.

Jason Phillips Jason Phillips
Photoshop Specialist

Experience: Jason has over 17 years of experience in all aspects of traditional and digital prepress, including 13 years with Graphic Art Service prior to joining Premedia Group. Jason started out working with toner to produce proofs, then moved into dry etching and dot repair on film. He spent nine years on Scitex work stations for color corrections and layout building, and has over 8 years experience on Mac systems.

Jason specializes in magazine, catalog, short run book and print production. He has in-depth experience with Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, Acrobat and Kodak, and with hardware such as Kodak Approvals, Scitex Dolevs, plus Scitex and Creo workflows. Typical assignments include image manipulation, imposition of low- to high-resolution workflows, layout design, color separation, digital retouching, electronic page assembly, trapping, RGB to CMYK, as well as CMYK to Spot conversion.

Jason has a strong discipline in color management and color quality control, and has worked with cutting edge technology through his career.

Personal Priorities: Photography. Race cards. Woodworking. Cycling. Camping. Fishing. Movies. Playing cards. Wine tasting. 

Clifton Scronce Clifton Scronce
Trading Card Specialist

Experience: Clifton graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Physical Sciences and Science Education/Computer Science. After nine years as a high school chemistry and physics teacher, he switched careers and became a Graphic Artist with Meredith Burda/RR Donnelley. Following five years with RR Donnelley, Clifton joined Graphic Arts Service where he worked for 11 years before joining Premedia Group.

Also a graduate of the Phil Crosby School of Quality/Management, Clifton specializes in desktop publishing using Photoshop, Quark, InDesign and Illustrator. Most of his time is spent working on high-end trading cards and page and form layouts. He contributes an ongoing wealth of expertise in the areas of photography, photographic equipment and prepress equipment.

Personal Priorities: Working in his rose gardens. Golfing and hiking. Flying model airplanes. Spending time with wife Kathy and daughter Rachel, a piano performance major at UNCG.

Roger Seel Roger Seel
Packaging Specialist

Experience: Roger brings to Premedia Group a diverse professional background that includes textile engraving for gravure and nickel plated screen printing, architectural photography, and publication and packaging prepress.

Roger’s digital imaging career began with Graphic Art Service in 1979 when he was hired as a Journeyman Photo Specialist in color separation on film. He was deeply involved in that company’s move into digital prepress CAD stripping, Hell Chromacom systems, and Scitex workstations.

Roger's special skills include Adobe, Quark, Artwork Systems and Corel graphics software, packaging layout and prepress, lithography and flexography, and color corrections for print quality.

Personal Priorities: Hiking and camping. Bluegrass music. Photography. Wood working.